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✨ AI Highlight Assistant – a revolutionary tool that makes text editing easier and faster.

Our AI Highlight Assistant will allow you to select any text and then automatically fix grammatical mistakes, rewrite, simplify or summarize the selected text. It’s quick, easy and accurate, giving you the perfect finished text every time.


πŸ’ We're thrilled to announce the launch of Typehero AI Assistant!

Typehero AI Assistant is the perfect tool for anyone who needs a helping hand with their writing. What makes Typehero AI Assistant so great? With just one simple command - a slash "/" - you can open up an AI writing assistant. This assistant will help you brainstorm ideas, write outlines, generate blog posts and more.


🎌 Unlock 25+ Languages and Take Your Copywriting to the Next Level

Now you can break down the language barrier and reach new customers with content written in their native language. With Typehero AI, you can easily localize your content, making it more attractive to foreign markets. Expand your customer base, increase your profits and accelerate your growth with Typehero AI's 25+ languages.


πŸͺ„ Discover How This AI Recipe Creates Business Case Studies

We are thrilled to announce the release of two brand new AI recipes for business case study and your personal backstory! To make your experience even more enjoyable, we have also added a new formatting option (H3) and fixed some pesky bugs with long-text copy pasting.


πŸͺ„ Create High-Converting Landing Page Copy in 2 Minutes

Using Typehero's wizard, you can quickly create copy for your landing page that will capture the attention of your audience and drive conversions. This powerful tool is perfect for creators, entrepreneurs and copywriters who need to generate engaging copy in a short amount of time.


πŸ’ͺ Powerful Copywriting with Updated Davinci Model

Typehero makes it easy to create compelling copy with the help of its advanced copywriting engine, Text-Davinci-003. This new and improved engine allows you to generate longer and better texts, giving you the edge in your writing.